NFL Week 10 Quick Hits

Another week of NFL football, another round of Quick Hits!

1) “Tim Tebow wins football games” – The quote, from my brother Just Ross perfectly illustrates what Tim Tebow does well.  He is not a great passer, he is not a great quarterback but he wins games.  The ugly stats (2 for 8 for 69 yards and a td) do not fully explain how far back the Broncos are setting offensive football: but they are winning.  Tim Tebow is a heck of a leader and when the game is on the line do you want the ball in anyone else’s hands?  As I have written before, the thing I find most impressive about Tebow is how much his teammates genuinely believe in him to carry them to victory.  While his stats may end up being unimpressive, no one runs the wishbone quite like the Tebow.

2) San Fran will lock up the #2 seed in the NFC shortly – Earlier this year, I was horrified at how pat my beloved 49er’s stood during the off season.  My friend, Whisper Winnett and I wished they would at least have tried to upgrade themselves at the Quarterback position by making a play for Matt Hasselback.  Jim Harbaugh trusted in Alex Smith (even if I mistakenly believed  he was angling for Andrew Luck) and has helped him develop into an efficient game manager.  The team took down the Giants and are now heading into the playoffs looking like a number two seed with a couple of home games and a bye. 

3) The Pats put down Rex Ryan and the Jets – The NFC East has been a battle of a division but the Pats seized control with a great performance by Tom Brady.  Against man coverage, which has stymied Brady the past couple of weeks, he finally broke out by using his tight ends to control the middle and finally bust out of his “mini-slump”.  The Pats had to have this game and they found a way to win – proving that if you give Bill Belichek enough time he can come up with a scheme to kill any defense.

4) Atlanta / New Orleans cannot settle things in regulation – A classic performance by Drew Brees and a great one from Matt Ryan, forget Tampa Bay when instant classics like this can continue to play out.  Tampa did nothing in the offseason and that is definitely showing now.

5) Luck to Indy more likely – Now that Indy has a legit shot at going 0-16, it seems increasingly likely they will wind up with the rights to draft Andrew Luck.  How this will affect Peyton and the team remains to be seen.  Best case scenario: Luck sits behind Manning for a couple years and ends up being the second coming of Aaron Rodgers.

6) Let downs abound – Philly, San Diego and Baltimore had let down weeks (with Philly probably now done), but the beating the Ravens took was more surprising.  They got too emotionally invested in the Steelers game and could not get back into it this week.  Seattle continues to play mediocre football in a bad division.  Meanwhile San Diego continues to cry Rivers of tears as they appear headed home come playoff time. 



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