NFL Quick Hits Week 2

Week 2 is almost behind us, here are the Quick Hits:

1) Tom Brady is playing out of his mind – In two weeks he has put up a 517 yard game and a 423 yard game.  He has thrown for seven touchdowns.  Try stopping him.  If not for his recent Uggs commercial he would be in contention for greatest man alive. 

2) We could be looking at a Packers / Patriots Super Bowl – These have been the two most impressive teams thus far.  No offense meant to the Saints, Bills, Texans or Jets.  The Super Bowl could have a final score of 48 – 45 the way these teams play defense. 

3) Tony Romo comes up big – Sure the 49ers horribly choked away this game (thanks again for all the memories Alex Smith!) but that would underestimate the contribution of Big Tony.  Throwing for 350+ yards and 3 tds with a broken rib takes real guts.  Romo had no choice but to step in and show real grit.  The victory means more than anything else.

4) Remember when it took two seasons for the Lions to get two wins? – Not anymore thanks to Matt “Please, please, please, please, please Stay Healthy” Stafford.  When he plays, he is for real.  Another great day for the former number one pick.

5) Cam Newton?  – Newton is still raw but he is showing real promise, a ton of it because he has developed a good connection with Steve Smith.  A couple of dicey decisions but otherwise a solid performance.  He may want to stay away from Charles Woodson in the future though.  Props to Andy Dalton as well for his fine performance.

6) Injuries continue – Jamaal Charles out for the season.  It takes a couple of key guys every year to remind us just how violent and brutal the sport is. 

7) Still not sure what to make of the Jets – Can Mark Sanchez carry a team to the promised land?  I still have no idea, and I do not believe we will find out any time soon.  Some of the throws he makes are Eli Manning-outrageous confidence-esque.  He has too much faith in his own abilities than he should have. 

8) Rex Grossman 2-0 – Can the season get any more bizarre than this stat? 

Until next week. 



Letters to LeBron: September 13, 2011

Dear LeBron,

Hope all is well, it was nice to see you at the Jets game the other night.  The game was a good one to see as long as it does not get in the way of your workout schedule. 

I hope the workout schedule is not so taxing that it has stopped you from visiting (among other places I am sure): Asia, Spain, various Caribbean Islands.  After the loss to Dallas I hoped you would gain some serious fire and decide that all you want to do is win no matter the cost.  It had to be a reflective minute where you suddenly have the same revelation as Jordan, Kobe or Duncan – you can put up all the stats you want but winning is truly what counts in the final analysis. 

Whenever the league kicks off the new season (Feb….?) you are certain to have some serious challengers in the East.  Not the Knicks though, Melo has assured that they will never again advance past the first round.  Chicago will be better; and you never know where Dwight Howard is going to end up; Rajon Rondo will probably have two arms this season.  It is good that you spent all that time working out with Hakeem to develop a solid low post game…for the first time in your career.  This has been a hugely encouraging sign, it has to be about winning LeBron no matter what anyone else says.  At the end of the day it is what you have to want and you need to lead by example:

The pool can serve as a metaphor for your career!  Everyone wants you to “make the jump” and become the player we all know you can be.  Eventually, you do jump. 

Hopefully next season as well. 

All the best in your summer workouts,

The World’s Biggest Post-Decision Miami Heat Fan

NFL Opening Weekend Quick Hits

In a new section on The Cover Corner, I will provide weekly “Quick Hits” on the NFL weekend that was. 

1) Rob Ryan looks like Rex Ryan with a fake beard and bad wig on the run from the FBI – With that out of the way (okay, it is not completely out of the way: the first time I saw Rob on a Sunday morning pre-game show I was certain it was Rex in costume for an interview.  How has this escaped me to this point?) Rex got lucky Sunday night in beating the Cowboys.  The Boys had this game in the bag if not for a horrendus Tony Romo interception.  Not sure what sort of thought process Romo went through on that one but throwing the ball at Revis Island in the last couple of minutes is not the best idea he has ever had. 

2) The Favorites go down – The Steelers, Falcons, Colts and Chiefs all went down in brutal fashion.  The Toronto Bills beat down of the Chiefs was a stark reminder that the Chiefs are, in fact, terrible.  Across the pitch, the Ravens dismantled the Steelers who were never in the game for one minute.  Notice served. 

3) What more could the Packers have shown on Thursday? – We sort of forgot about the Pack but they probably got even better in the offseason and no one is playing as well as Aaron Rodgers.  This game was a thrill a minute (even had a final goal line stand!) and may have featured the best the NFC has to offer this season.  How can you pick against the Pack at this point?  

4) Number One Picks looking like it – Matthew Stafford gives the Lions a dimension they have long lacked…if he can stay healthy.  Cam Newton threw for an impressive 422 yards and although we are a little early to annoint him a savior of anything, his game was a pretty impressive debut.  Alex Smith was even able to beat Seattle – though, if I was the 9ers David Garrard would be on speed dial.

5) San Diego…does not blow an early season game! – This may be the most shocking plot line of the entire first week.  San Diego was able to hold on and win despite a huge challenge presented by the 39 yards passing Donovan McNabb could muster.  I really want to see San Diego win a title this year: Philip Rivers can no longer be secondary to Eli Manning in anything.  

6) The Shocking Return – Quick, which would you rather bet is more likely to happen: Rex Grossman triumphantly eating a hobbled Giants secondary alive for more than 300 yards and a big win; or Tony Romo forgetting where he is and throwing a ghastly pick to Revis Island?  Grossman was the best QB in the NFC East on Sunday

I’ll let that sink in.